Help with business branding Man. Bear. Pig. 2 kids; Arizona 25443 posts
May 2nd '13

Does anyone know of a decent site where I can get creative with my business cards? I've always just used vistaprint and handed out cards here and there but I dont like that.

I want to appear more professional, and have a creative way to market a few samples as well as a business card in a pretty package/envelope. Maybe list some prices, etc.

I want to branch out but I dont want to spend a fortune. Any suggestions? :lol:

Ꭶwan♥Nemo Due September 24 (boy); 1 child; Kansas City, Missouri 7526 posts
May 2nd '13 is pretty good. Ive always designed mine in design software like InDesign or Photoshop though and just take it to a local shop.

applelove 1 child; auburn, CA, United States 6529 posts
May 2nd '13


I might have a discount if you want to go with them

Stfu Squirrel District of Columbia 8560 posts
May 2nd '13

So you want to do like a press kit, folder kind of thing?

Would you be doing the g*****c design yourself, or having it done? If you have a friend who's a g*****c designer, find out where they send their stuff to be printed. Sometimes they have cheaper sources than a regular individual customer can use. Not always though. And maybe offer to trade photo services for design services.

If you're doing all the artwork yourself, I'd go ahead and spend the $300 or so on a folder that has everything you want. It would take a long time to distribute them all, and by the time you run out, they will have long since paid themselves off.

You could also do some glossy flyers with basic info and save the folders for customers who meet with you for a consultation.

For marketing, put yourself on if they have a section for photographers. Contact bridal shops, florists, caterers, day spas, salons, all the places you can think of that might send you business, and offer a (slight) discount or an "exclusive" package for their customers. You could also offer to work out some kind of arrangements with them, if it's a salon or something. Offer to do free promo shots for their facebook page (they'd have to give you credit on the page), and connect your professional fb/twitter to theirs. Retweet the crap out of them. Bring a stack of the flyers to leave at that place of business, to put by the magazines or whatever.

Preschools and private schools often do fundraising auctions in the fall or spring. Contact some of them, if you can, and find out how to donate a photo shoot for their auction. I know donations suck, but it gets your name out there, in all their publicity materials, and even if you don't get paid work directly from that, it makes people familiar with your name and work. You never know who might notice that and know somebody who needs a photographer. Word of mouth is everything. Just do whatever you can to make your presence known. Cast your net fairly wide (but not cheaply) and see what you catch. They can't find you if they don't know you exist!

And keep your prices what you need them to be. With art, if a painting's $200 nobody will buy it because it's obviously amateur crap. If it's $2000 it will be more likely to sell because it will be taken more seriously. It's like any other professional services, there are always people who want to do it on the cheap, but there are ALSO always people who want to pay for the highest quality. Why work 1000 hours for the same money you can make in 200?