Post C-Section Period..tmi LeeAnne Porter 3 kids; Chalmette, Louisiana 33 posts
May 2nd '13

I had my ds on 4/1/13. Via emergency c-sec... I had a normal week of heavy lochia (sp?) And then 2 weeks of sporadic spotting. Last week I had a few days of spotting then almost 4 days of nothing. Yesterday I passes a dime sized clot, but no bleeding! Then today I wake up with cramps, theigh cramps (which I always got during my normal pre-preg cycles) and a serious headache and chills, all accompanied by bright red bleeeding and a few stringy clots... Could this be a menstral cycle, or just continued post partum lochia? And is 32 days post partum too soon for a normal menstral cycle??

[JadeLee] 1 child; Minnesota 12190 posts
May 2nd '13

I have been told that it isn't a PP period until after 6 weeks.
The fact that it is stringy could be a sign of infection, is there any odor to it?
It could be a concern that it had gone down to nothing and is now increasing again. Did you do anything extra yesterday? Lift anything go for a longer walk than your body is used to?

LeeAnne Porter 3 kids; Chalmette, Louisiana 33 posts
May 2nd '13

The weather here has been pretty bad, so no walks or outting for me. Ive pretty much been a hermit since ds birth except for drs appts. And I didnt lift anything other than my baby. Ive been OVERLY paranoid about incision coming open. So nothing to strain myself. although my sleeping positions have changed from back sleeping to be able to sleep on my sides now, I did notice when I wake up from side sleeping the bleeding returns. Idk if that really has anything to do with it tho.

(3)Boys&APrincess Due December 12 (girl); 3 kids; New Jersey 11738 posts
May 2nd '13

I would call your dr if you're concerned but with my first I got my first period 4 weeks pp. It was a really heavy period too.