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May 1st '13
Quoting ~The Lunar Flower~:" <blockquote><b>Quoting ReubensMummy:</b>" I wish I had tried. He's 9 weeks old now, ... [snip!] ... labor & delivery/maternity hospital has one)& get a lot of info from her. Even mamas who adopt can start up their milk supply."

I'll have a look into it thank!

& thankyou ladies

Dexterr Due February 6; 1 child; United Kingdom 130 posts
May 1st '13
Quoting DeanJade&Mak's Mom:" i didn't bf Jade, I felt more guilty that i didn't want to breastfeed her, eventually i got over it, ... [snip!] ... is eating... personally i would call whatever agency ur ask for case manager ask them to not send her, and make complaint,"

Thank you! that makes me feel less of a terrible mother

mom2andrew&carter 18 kids; Leesburg, Florida 2159 posts
May 1st '13

ive always felt very guilty for not being able to.

justanotherchicken Alabama 2402 posts
May 1st '13

I did. I wanted it to work so bad both times lol I cried over it so much, more the second time. I had ppd too and I felt so miserably guilty that my tits were useless to them haha I got over it
This time, I'm being realistic about it and also preparing to bottle feed so I don't get so torn up... Cause I'm expecting it as a matter of when.
Not that I have anything against formula, I just really wanted to breast feed lol

KD3511 Due May 1; TTC since Aug 2015; 2 kids; axcv, ca, Canada 186 posts
May 1st '13

Was there any particular reason you didnt try?

It really shouldn't matter - your choice is your choice and you need to do what works for you and your schedule.

I started with breastfeeding and my son was not getting enough nutrients - my breasts were not filling up with milk properly so I ended up on domperidone. I found pumping to be a lot easier for me. I could see the exact amount that I was producing and was about to know 100% how much my son was ingesting and any given time. I do have to say it was extremely time consuming.

Just so you know - I supplemented with formula as I needed, or when I felt like having wine with dinner. I never put that sort of stress on myself and I sure as heck would never let someone disrespect my decision whether to breastfeed or not.

No one should ever tell you what you should be doing unless you are showing harm to yourself or your baby. You do what's best for you and ignore whoever tells you differently!

We're all here to support you and your decision!

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May 1st '13


DeanJade&Mak's Mom 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Los Angeles, CA, United States 8830 posts
May 1st '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting ReubensMummy:</b>" Thank you! that makes me feel less of a terrible mother"</blockquote>

breastfeeding does not make someone a better mother... I have seen a woman, do her drug of choice, then went to breastfeed her baby, o.O

Granted, at the time i was a hot mess myself, so i prob had no room to talk or judge, but made me realize, how precious a lil baby is... and regardleassss what they get fed with 1st year of life, when my babies fall, or get scared, or smash their fingers they come to me to fix them, that is what makes me a good mother...

u only have to be validated by ur babies... tell everyone else to kiss ur ass..

[Doe Eyed Dirty Lurker] ; 18 kids; noneya, TN, United States 3252 posts
May 1st '13

I felt a certain level of guilt for not even attempting with my first, but with the situation we were in it just wasn't the best option for us. By the time my situation had changed enough that I could have, he was over a year old and it was too late for us. I'm going to try my best with my second, and if it doesn't work, at least I gave it a shot.

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May 1st '13

I used to feel guilty for it.

I have had 3 kids and couldnt with any of them, I tried but my supply never actually came in with any of them. I tried everything top help it come in. But it wasnt happening, so they were ff but I still tried for 3 months after they were born before and after feedings and by trying to pump while drinking those teas etc.....Nothing helped it took me 4 days just to get not even half an oz :(

I learned to not beat myself up about it though. My kids are happy healthy ff babies.

Severus Snape 2 kids; Tennessee 3568 posts
May 1st '13

It's not to late to start if you're interested! But even if you don't, don't feel guilty about your parenting choices. Everyone is different and breastfeeding just isn't meant for everyone. Breastfeeding doesn't make you any better or worse of a mother. Whatever you decide to do, be proud of it.

SR ♥ 1 child; V, AR, United States 7911 posts
May 1st '13

There's no need to feel guilty! Your baby is getting what he needs from the formula. Yes, breastfeeding is wonderful for babies.'s really hit or miss. I pumped breastmilk for the first month and gave it to him, and at 8 weeks...He was hospitalized from RSV. So, I don't feel that breastfeeding made a difference for his immune system. I stopped pumping because there was no way I could sit and pump every two hours and I was beginning to dry up. So, I pumped as much as I could, stored it...and never looked back.

Don't let anyone make you feel bad. It was your choice! When I gave birth, the lactation lady pressured me SO much to breastfeed and it just wasn't something I wanted to do. I gave it a try a few weeks later, but he didn't latch and I was already settled into our routine with bottles.

Use this experience to make a note for the next baby you have!

Don't waste your time feeling guilty about petty stuff. Enjoy your baby and love him and cuddle him all you can! =P

RagDoll101 2 kids; United Kingdom 54 posts
May 1st '13

Health visitors are so bloody sanctimonious. Mine kept giving me leaflets on where to get advice rather than offer any herself. I breastfeed and never got ANY help or information that was relevant to the struggle I found it in the beginning....and she kept giving me leaflets on how to prepare formula bottles. Do what YOU feel is best for you and baby, not what a woman who sees you for 10 minutes every few weeks feels is right.

AliceTheGnome. 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Manchester, United Kingdom 2871 posts
May 1st '13

Health visitors are awful. Phone and complain and request for that one not to come and visit anymore. If she does turn up, don't let her in. As long as your child is healthy and fed it does not matter how you feed him.

Dexterr Due February 6; 1 child; United Kingdom 130 posts
May 1st '13

Thank you all, I feel a lot better after your reassurance.

As for my health visitor, I think I'll demand to see a different one next time at Clinic when he's weighed. I'm going to have to bite my tongue to not cause a scene though lol!

weefee 1 child; Glasgow, Î, United Kingdom 483 posts
May 1st '13

Yeah I felt bad for ages and I always wonder if I didn't try hard enough. I always have to justify it as well which is annoying. I've come to accept that I wasn't in the right place physically or mentally after his birth lol the wee bugger nearly killed me so we were seperated for two days during which time he was bottle fed and I developed PPD and I think had I continued and failed to breastfeed it would have made me worse and that would be no good for me or him.

Now I don't care as much because he's happy, healthy and growing perfectly so I know he's fine and for me that's the most important thing :)

If you want to try again go for it but don't feel pressured into it because otherwise it will be a horrible experience for you and him. Good luck!