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May 1st '13

On may 1st last year my friend called me like she usually does after an OB appointment because we have the same Dr telling me she's not measuring right so that following Thursday they are going to recheck her then Monday they are going to do another ultrasound to see what could be wrong.

On the night of may 4th she felt cramps & saw blood when she peed so she went to the hospital. When they tried using a doppler to get the babys heartbeat, there wasn't one. She sent me a text saying Jayden had gone to heaven.

They prepped her to stay that night so that the following day she could be induced. She cried for awhile then went into a form of mental shock that lasted until the next day when she delivered him between 3:10-3:30pm. Her boyfriend called me to tell me how beautiful he was & that the cause of death was his cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times but that the main cause was the baby had pulled it to where it had ripped at his stomach.

The next day I brought candy, flowers, movies & clothes to the hospital because her boyfriend didn't want to stay with her there. We cried together for a long time. She didn't blame anyone or anything for what happened. She said all she wanted was to hear him cry. Just once. She said after 29 weeks & 4 days of being pregnant that it was her only wish.

His funeral was very heartfelt but she didn't get to see him for a viewing. Our only reasoning towards that was maybe her mother called & cancelled the viewing. She got pregnant again within 2 months. It wasn't on purpose & she was on the depo shot when it happened. She was excited again. She was able to smile again.

My son was born so between breastfeeding issues & PPD I became distant with everyone. She was happy & had a job. Things were going great until January. Just past her 27 week mark, she lost her baby Damian. This time. She didn't call anyone until after she'd already delivered him. She didn't give details & she says it might be Gods way of telling her to finish college first. Its the only way she can try being positive about it. RIP Jayden & Damian

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May 1st '13

RIP Jayden and Damian