cjroberts Due May 29; 5 kids; 1 angel baby; Oklahoma 799 posts
Apr 30th '13

My daughter just turned 3 at end of March and she weighs 30-34 lbs. I am not sure how tall she is maybe around 34-36 in. She wears 2t-3t clothes and size 7-8 shoes. My other daughter is tiny she is 19 months and only weighs 16lbs 8 oz. She wears 12-18 months clothes.

Mrs. Skeeter ; TTC since Jun 2015; 2 kids; Colorado 273 posts
May 2nd '13

My son is 33 months old
Height: 43"
Weight: 40 pounds
Shoes: 11
Shirt: 4T
Pants: 4T/5T/6 depending on the brand.

We have a large healthy boy!

!Mama! Love! 1 child; South Carolina 38 posts
May 2nd '13

My daughter turned 2 in feburary and weighs 32 lbs, is 37 inches tall, 2t-3t clothes. size 6 shoes........

ashmarie89 Due October 19; 1 child; Spangdahlem, Germany 118 posts
May 3rd '13

my son will be 2 the end of july. hes 36 inches and 31 lbs. he wears 3t shirts and 2t pants, size 7 shoes.

no wonder everyone thinks hes older than he is

user banned 3 kids; Ontario 10942 posts
May 3rd '13

At 3 (now 4) my dd was 26lbs and 35 inches tall. She wore size 3t clothes some 4's as well and wore size 6-7 shoes.