Which one is it ladies? Need your opinion & knowledge. OurWinterBaby♥ Due January 24 (boy); California 48 posts
Apr 30th '13

LMP April 4.
I didn't get to use opks this cycle so I'm going by my cm. My last cycle was 39 days long & the cycle before that was only 29 days long. Although since I've been off of the NuvaRing (November) my cycles HAVE BEEN 29 days exactly. My last one as wacky by 10 days. Anyhow, according to this website by a 29 day cycle I would have ovulated April 19th. My cm was dry & tacky. Thought that was odd. I have a sneaky suspicion that I didn't ov. Since the 19th I've been checking my cm daily. It has gone from dry & tacky a fews days to lotion then watery, etc. So I looked up when I could ov on a 39 day cycle. It said April 29th or 30th. Lo & behold today, the 29th, I finally got ewcm! *TMI my ewcm is plentuful & stretchy. What do you ladies think? Figured I ovulated the 29th? I have had a lil bit of cramping too.

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Apr 30th '13

You have irregular periods so you can't go by those calculated days. There's no way to.know unless you've confirmed ovulation. If you don't want to use opk's have you thought about trying bbt?