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Apr 30th '13

I've been SO sick the last 4-5 days. It's been so bad, it's all I can do to get up off my butt and take care of my three kids. Idk what is really. I went to the dr today for some relief because the coughing has gotten so bad, I can't breathe, I can't stop coughing and no OTC medicines help whatsoever as well as albuterol treatments do nothing. My chest hurts so bad, my ribs kill me and I have had an ongoing migraine for 5 days straight. OTC meds do nothing for that either. I've also had some fevers but not today while I was at the dr of course. It's been a bad day. The dr gave me three prescriptions and after three trips to the pharmacy and being given the run around, I only came out with one which was the steroids. My insurance wouldn't cover the one bc although it's only sold through the pharmacy now, it's technically an OTC medicine. Well I couldn't afford to spend $35 on top of spending the money for my prescriptions. That one wasn't a big deal because it was just to clear mucus out which I have literally don't feel like I even have mucus building up. So Idk why she gave it to me. But the one that REALLY pissed me off was the prescription cough syrup. The one the dr called in my insurance wouldn't cover and it is SUPER expensive I guess. So they said they would call the dr and try to get it switched to Cherratussin(which I've had before with my last pregnancy when I got influenza super bad) So I KNOW for a fact it should be covered. Went back to pick it up only to be told my insurance doesn't cover that either, nor ANY cough syrup that is prescription. WTH???? So the pharmacist apparently tells my husband that the dr said just to get OTC cough syrup. PS I'd asked hubs to go in the last time bc I was really sick, angry and about in tears at this point. When he came back out with the OTC medicine, I TOTALLY lost it. Dang hormones. I freaked out on my husband bc I expected him to come out to the car and talk to me before making a snap decision and spending money we already can't really afford to spend and get the wrong medicine. But I was bawling the entire way home because I am SO miserable. The whole reason I gave in and went to the dr in the first place is because I have done tried EVERYTHING possible to get rid of this and it just keeps getting worse. I need something stronger apparently. I can't sleep, I can't breathe. I can barely move to certain positions bc of the pain I get in my ribs and chest. I decided to try the OTC medicine bc I am desperate for sleep and I am gonna put a call into my dr tomorrow morning when they open to see if there's ANYTHING prescription wise that insurance will cover. If not, I am gonna try to figure out exactly how much the syrup is without insurance. Not holding out hope though bc I'm sure we won't be able to afford it. :/ This just bites. Needless to say, I've taken the steroids improvement as yet but I know that can take up to a day to start seeing results. I took the OTC cough syrup this is "supposed" to knock me out and take care of the coughing and guess what?? Surprise, surprise, it's 1 am here and I'm still freaking wide awake AND hacking up my lungs as we speak. UGH! :/ Rant over.

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Apr 30th '13

What kind of insurance do you have? It can take up to a week before you notice the steroid starts to work.

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Apr 30th '13
Quoting Super Mommy!:" What kind of insurance do you have? It can take up to a week before you notice the steroid starts to work."

Medicaid. I know I shouldn't complain because I'm thankful I have it at least. Just makes me mad that they are suddenly turning me down for all cough syrups that aren't OTC when I REALLY need it. I wouldn't have gone to the dr finally if I didn't truly need something stronger. Seriously?? Oh God! I figured it would take a day bc my daughter just had chronic bronchitis a couple weeks ago and the dr told me we would see a difference immediately within the next day. And if not, to bring her back in.