Poor little man Shelby Chappell Due November 29 (girl); 1 child; Alberta 1575 posts
Apr 30th '13

My poor DS :( He pulled himself up onto my MIL's coffee table and he was so happy about it. He can do it so well now. He got a little to excited and lost his balance and fell face first into the glass coffee table. I was right in the process of putting my plate down to go take him away from the coffee table ( we just sat down for dinner) and I wasn't fast enough. I picked him up so quickly and I started crying myself! I felt so horrible. Then when he pulled his head away I noticed blood all over my shirt. He had cut the part of his lip where it has a little piece of skin attached to the top of your lip to your teeth. I just kept comforting him and eventually he calmed down and was fine. Ugh I know I have more of these things to come but I am not looking forward to it. The one thing about the situation I didn't like to much is after I initially picked him up, not even a minute later my MIL took him right out of my arms to comfort him. I knew she just wanted to help and comfort him so I just rubbed his back and let her try. Then after about a minute or two I took him back and didn't let him go for a long time.

~*~.July MaMa.~*~ 1 child; Illinois 7599 posts
Apr 30th '13

Poor little guy! Glad he is okay! I know when my daughter got into the moving around phase and her first big boo boo was BAD! She slipped and hit her forehead off the cement stoop in front of the fireplace. She has this huge black knot for days! I took her into public and had horrible looks from everyone like I punched her in the head! I remember thinking... "Really idiot do you see the size of my fist compared to her dome piece?"

As for MIL you handled it very cool! Good for you for not having a snap attack!