is it normal for my baby to be in uterus corner? jadeakc Due September 28 (girl); Japan 1 posts
Apr 29th '13

i went to get my ultrasound today and the technician said that my baby likes to stay in a corner of my uteruss and not really move. she moves her hand and feet a little (ive felt a few flutters so far but not too much). im at just about 18-19 weeks and am wondering if its normal for my baby to not be moving around that much. just worried thay something might be wrong :/

CJKB+JMB=AMB 1 child; ocala, fl, United States 2528 posts
Apr 29th '13

naw your.fine at that stage. mine never moved out of a little ball.position until recently lol

The ℰffin' D! 2 kids; New York 26316 posts
Apr 29th '13

I have just started to feel movement, and I'm 23 or 24 weeks (I can never remember, lol).

It's normal!