toys for 16 month old BlackVelvet 1 child; 1 angel baby; Aurora, Illinois 4767 posts
Apr 29th '13

What kind of toys would be good for a 16month old

Also any good Android apps that i can use to interact with her??

Amanda Contento Florida 2302 posts
Apr 29th '13

watching although my son is 17 months almost 18 months old

GrumpsMama 1 child; Whiskey d**k Mountain, WA, United States 16246 posts
Apr 29th '13

Just type in toddler in the app store.

By the time my son was that age he could unlock the Ipad and go to his apps and play. lol

and as far as games I would get stuff for your LO to color. LO loved coloring. He wasnt really into toys.