Bleeding and yeast infection reoccurring W.W. Due June 2; 3 kids; Arkansas 8009 posts
Apr 29th '13

Okay,so last month around the 20th I started having a yeast infection and when I went to the bathroom at the store where I was getting the monistat, I saw that I was bleeding. Well it wasn't time for my period, that was another two weeks out. Took a test when my period was late and it was negative. Started my period like 4 or 5 days late. Well here it is, at least two weeks before my period is due and I'm having a yeast infection and started bleeding yesterday.

It's a deep red/purple color just like last month but I had some brown too last month. Old blood at first then it turned red like any other period. Has anyone else had this happen twice "in a row" like that? I have been having more trouble keeping my sugar up....I can tell because I get weak, shaky, irritable, and get a tension headache. That doesn't explain the bleeding though, does it?

waiting for 7/29/13 1 child; Haymarket, Virginia 416 posts
Apr 29th '13

I would go to the doctor. One occurrence is probably just a freak incident. But 2x in a row could mean something else. Only your doctor can say for certain. Good luck to you