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Crossing a street alone Kelly&Coralie 1 child; Rochester, NY, United States 56012 posts
Apr 29th '13

When would you trust a child to cross a street by themselves?

Obviously not a major intersection, but the road that runs through an apartment complex (or somethiung similar)? There are speed bumps, traffic is generally light, and people usually obey the speed limits.

Cora knows to stop before she crosses and to look both ways, but she is 5 and I am uneasy letting her do it by herself. I don't make her hold my hand anymore but I do make sure she stays within grabbing distance, in case I need to pull or push her out of the way. Or I'll let her cross the street in front of my building if she loses a ball but i am right there to watch her do it.

When do you start trusting kids to cross streets by themselves?

Serial Mom ✄ Due July 2 (boy); 2 kids; Michigan 2853 posts
Apr 29th '13

We live in a quiet subdivision with tons of kids, so I was comfortable letting my eldest daughter cross the street alone when she was around 5.