First baby, 38 weeks very bad back pain. Aussiemumtobe Melbourne, Australia 167 posts
Jun 15th '08

Hope someone can help!

I'm 38 weeks now and all weekend my lower back has been really sore, to the point where I wake up from what little sleep I am getting and end up in tears because it is so painful. I am walking like a very old lady, especially when I first get up from sitting or lying down.

I looked in my pregnancy book but couldn't find anything to help me.

Can anyone tell me is this kind of pain normal, does it signify that labour is near or anything like that? At my last checkup last week the midwife thought I still had a liitle way to go, but I was measuring 40 cm at 38 weeks, but my belly was all baby, so not at all sure what to think.

Any advice appreciated!

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Jun 15th '08
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Jun 15th '08

Is it possible you are actually in labor? Many women feel the contractions in their back, as what is falsely labled as "back labor."

Have you tried a warm bath to try and ease the pain?

Kim-MarieC Due April 12; 3 kids; Ronkonkoma, New York 186 posts
Jun 15th '08

It could be back labor but it could also be the baby pressing on a nerve. Your best bet is to call your midwife if the pain becomes unbearable. I was in labor but I didn't know it (severe back pain) but the pain was because my daughter was face up and pressing on my spine.

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Jun 15th '08

maybe ring birth suite and see what they think, they may just have you come in and see how you go while up there. worst comes to worse they will send you home cause it isnt the beginning or you will be having a baby soon...

pack a bag just incase!

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Jun 15th '08
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Jun 15th '08

Thanks everyone for your advice.

I haven't felt any contractions or anything. The pain eases a little when I sit, it's more when I am walking or lying down. I just wasn't sure what was going on, if back pain is a sign of labour etc and the pregnancy book said "to rest" lol I wish!

Will keep an eye on it, thanks so much once again