Sassyscorpio Due November 4; Minnesota 145 posts
Apr 26th '13

We have only told 1 friend so far, no family or anyone else!! :) I have my 12 week appt on tues and an ultrasound on thursday...I'll see how I feel about telling people after that, may be too excited to wait any longer-or we may wait a few more weeks for mothers day! :) As someone else mentioned, tell people when you feel it's right!

Andrej's Mummy :) 17 kids; Melbourne, Australia 127 posts
Apr 27th '13

When i first fell pregnant i told immediately was so exited unfortunately i miscarried a week later and was 9weeks only so it was really hard because people already got little shoes and stuff exited so hurt more so now with my son I told them when I got past 12week mark to be sure but don't wait any longer because they will feel you left it to long to tell them might get upset xx goodluck and congrats x

MikeNjEssica Due September 20 (girl); 1 child; Batavia, Ohio 8 posts
May 16th '13

do what makes YOU happy. you cant hide it forever youre going to be showing soon and just think the longer you wait the more angrier they will be because you lied/hid it. who knows they may even be happy for you and they cant stay angry forever! because this child is going to be in your life FOREVER so they will have to deal with it and live with your decision to add someone into your lives. This child is a miracle and was brought to you for a reason. And you stressing about telling them is worse then the stress then telling them period.