Pain in left ovary getting worse? SillyBek Due June 23 (boy); 17 kids; Utah 307 posts
Apr 25th '13

First off I'm almost 32 weeks pregnant with my second baby. For the last two years I've had a sharp pain every once in a while in what I would assume is my left ovary. I mentioned it to my ob when it first started and it was kind of blown off, they never ordered an ultrasound because my pap came back normal. Well the last few weeks I've been getting the sharp pains pretty bad, I can sometimes make it go away by changing position but not always. At my first appointment with this pregnancy my doc couldn't find my left ovary on my ultrasound and I think forgot to check at the next appt (I have an ultrasound at every appt) I have my regular pregnancy check up next Wednesday so ill ask about it then but I wanted to see what you lady's think

waiting for 7/29/13 1 child; Haymarket, Virginia 416 posts
Apr 26th '13

I have a similar problem with my right ovary. For me its a burning/stabbing pain that gets worse during menstruation. I've had the pain off and on during pregnancy. U/s's came back normal. Paps came back normal. My doctor says my uterus is tilted to the right. During pregnancy its suppose to self correct but so far no luck.
Maybe you have a similar problem

SillyBek Due June 23 (boy); 17 kids; Utah 307 posts
Apr 27th '13

Mine is a sharp stabbing pain. I was just kinda worried that he couldn't find my ovary, kinda weird.

Samantha guthrie Jenkins Due July 1 (boy); 2 kids; Pennsylvania 46 posts
Apr 27th '13

i had this problem a few weeks ago with a stabbing feeling in my left side and then it would go to my back i was told it might be a bladder infection but my tests come back good so they said it might have just been the baby pains lasted for 2 days