Creaky and poping joints ? Carolann Loveridge Due September 6 (girl); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; United Kingdom 2691 posts
Apr 25th '13

My LO is nearly 18months old and ever since he has been like 3 months old I have felt his joints creak and have been gradually getting more creaky and now even pop . Somedays are worse than others, one day you won't even feel it and the next it is so awful.
Anywho at 12 weeks I took him to see our GP I came out very deflated and confused as I was told and i quote " its all in mummies head " this is most certainly not in my head, I have had others confirm it too.! I was told by the health visitor to wait untill he was 1 and if it was still occurring mention it to the next health visitor, well I did and I still didn't get any information

Well I have had enough now , I have booked another appointment (monday) to see a different GP and demanding to see a specialist. Just wanted to know has this happens to any of your LO's? Am I worrying about nothing or should I be worried . I'm so disappointed that I haven't been told anything ! Sorry about yhe long post .

White Chocolate Milk 1 child; Chelsea, Alabama 12304 posts
Apr 25th '13

Does it hurt him at all? If it isn't painful for him, it is probably just a normal ligament pop or air/nitrogen bubble. Like when you pop your knuckles.
My knees have always popped. My mom said it would happen when I was little too. But no pain or anything along with it. Just have poppy joints.
Yes, there are some conditions than can cause that, but being so young I would be doubtful of anything really being wrong.