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Apr 25th '13

My son almost 2 and a half years old so we've been potty training. just sitting on the potty when he wants to pretty much. today he wanted to sit on the potty and went peepee in it and came over and told me! after i cleaned his potty i asked him if he wanted his diaper on and he said "no. Jagger sit on potty" so i let him sit on it some more and he peed in it again! after i cleaned it he wanted to still sit on it and he peed in it again!! and he WILL NOT let me put a diaper on him lol

i guess its time to try big boy undies?! or should i start with pull ups?

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Apr 25th '13

Get him big boy underwear let him pick them out my son saw it as a rewars for being a big boy

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Apr 25th '13

I would go with undies during the day and pull ups at night.