heart rate and gender InkDMomma 35 kids; Clinton Township, Michigan 27418 posts
Apr 25th '13

Help me with this one, ladies.
Apparently many of my friends firmly believe in this crap :roll: and I told them it was not an accurate way to know what gender you are having.
SINCE I cannot remember my son and daughters HRs I figured I would ask you.

What is/was your childs heart rate and what gender did they end up?

Mine is 148 and ranges from that to about 160
A good portion of my friends are 100% convinced I am having a boy because of this lol Not that I care but I just want to show them that it is in NO way a sure way to show what gender you are pregnant with.

user banned 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 75866 posts
Apr 25th '13

This baby has always been in the 140's and I've been told she's a girl. My other daughter was always in the 160's.

Mom of 2 Monkeys 2 kids; St. Louis, Michigan 18176 posts
Apr 25th '13

Cameron was 140-150
Kaydence was 146-155

i may be off a little but they were both pretty close lol

zombie. 2 kids; Leadville, Colorado 23606 posts
Apr 25th '13

Coras was 150 all of the time
Clays was 170 all of the time.

*Bobo&Hooey'sMommy* 34 kids; Springfield, Oregon 23585 posts
Apr 25th '13

Noah- 111-120
Presley- 140-170

InkDMomma 35 kids; Clinton Township, Michigan 27418 posts
Apr 25th '13

thank you! lol

All of these prove my point very well. My argument is now better than theirs. If HR was like a 100% indicator... WHY would you have to wait for a gender ultrasound? hmmm??? lol
People are ass clowns.

Trey&Genesis'momma 4 kids; 4 angel babies; Somewhere, IN, United States 4802 posts
Apr 25th '13

Not accurate.....My son's was 150s all the time. My second which was a girl was also 150s all the time. My last daughter was complicated. Lol. We thought I had twins and miscarried one. But on many occasions, they found one that was 130s and one that was 170s at the same time. But either way, she was the only one delivered and she is all girl. This time, the HR has always ranged between 120-140 and we don't know the sex yet but I'm seriously feeling like it's a boy at least but not because of the HR....just seems really close to my son's and nothing like my daughters.