Vomiting with no nausea? Faye's Mama 1 child; Springfield, MO, United States 4569 posts
Apr 25th '13

This has happened three times to me throughout this pregnancy. Twice recently. Once today and once yesterday. I'll make my breakfast and sit down to eat (after I take my prenatals) and all of the sudden I will have the urge to vomit so I'll run to wherever I can puke.
I also seem to lose control of my bladder muscles and always piss myself :oops:

But is this normal? I am not eating anything heavy for breakfast. This morning was an apple and water. Yesterday was milk and an apple with some honeydew. Should I maybe eat a carb too? I just want it to stop. Haha

☮[The Mrs.] FJB Due December 4; 3 kids; North Carolina 14335 posts
Apr 25th '13

Try the prenatal at a different time.

Efrrnbbf 1 child; Alexander City, Alabama 656 posts
Apr 25th '13

Take your prenatal a before bed. I have to or I'll feel pukie all day. Maybe eat dry toast too.