Confused.. Emily's Mommy 2009 TTC since Mar 2010; 33 kids; Severn, Maryland 422 posts
Apr 24th '13

My husband and I have been TTC since 2010. I have had 2 miscarriages since 2009 most recent was june 2012. I recently had my period on April 13th it lasted 4 days so the 17th I was done and over with it. Today April 24 2013 I go to the bathroom wipe and light pink has been on the TP. Im confused because idk why Im see'n this. Today I have had some stomach pain and its hot so i was nauseated. I do have endometriosis as stated in previous post but havent had many issues at all from it in awhile. In june when I found out i miscarried I also found out I have menorrhagia. This month my period was funny though I didnt bleed bleed like usual and didnt have much pain. I also just found out my best friend is pregnant I dont want to compare my weirdness with her. (Oh and no it doesnt hurt or sting when I go pee) Any idea where this light pink is coming from? Thanks!

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Apr 24th '13

Could have been implantation bleeding and not your period. I'd take a test just to check.