Worst back pain ever Onalee's Mummy Due August 26 (boy); 1 child; Newcastle, Australia 5355 posts
Apr 24th '13

A week ago at work I twisted funny and hurt my left sacroilliac joint ( so technically it's hip pain but it feels like back pain). I've seen a physio twice and my gp. They've confirmed by ligaments have relaxed and the left joint is slipping and rotating so I can hardly move. I'm fine in the morning after resting and I am wearing a brace all day but it gets to about 1 pm and I can not move because of the pain.

Right now it's gone again. It took me about 40 minutes to get from the kitchen to the couch (about 5 minutes) because I can't really move my left side. I'm laying on the couch right now with a pillow under me like directed but it is hurting so friggin much. My three year old wants lunch an I can't get up and make it for her. She just got herself some cheese, grapes and lollies lol.

How am I going to get through another 18 weeks? If you've had this what do you do for pain?

I've asked SO to come home and help me but today is ANZAC day and he is out playing two-up and I can't get a hold of him.

Sassyscorpio Due November 4; Minnesota 145 posts
Apr 25th '13

Yoga!! I hope you feel better mama!