Stressing!!! Travi Wellz Due May 1; 3 kids; New Mexico 8 posts
Apr 23rd '13

I'm going to be 39 weekz on thursday .this is my 4th. I got pregnant while on the Paraguard iud.. and I stil have it in place. Now that the baby is low I swear I could feel it sometimes . I don't know why .. but I have been thinking about the labor and maken my self stress . I know what to expect ( the pain and pushing ) I'm just scared and way nervous. I don't remember being this nervous or scared with my other pregnancies lol. The littlest pain I get I freak out . My last pregnancy was 4 years ago . I had my daughter in about 3 hours. I'm hoping this ine goes fast also. I guess my questions are... WHAT ArE THE CHANCES OF ME HAVEN A QUICK LABOR WITH THIS ONE ...AND... IF ANY OF YOU HAS BEEN PREGNANT WITH IUD STILL IN PLACE DURING LABOR .DUZ IT HURT MORE ..FEEL WEIRD WHILE GIVING BIRTH . HAD COMPLICATIONS BECAUSE OF IT?? PLEASE HELP LOL ...

Crystal 3 kids; Hephzibah, Georgia 15566 posts
Apr 23rd '13

That's a pretty damn good question imo. I think I'd be freaked if I have an IUD in place and were having a baby. But, I don't know the answer to that because I've never had one. As to the length of labor, nobody knows for sure. They are all different. Subsequent labors are sometimes easier and faster, but that's not anywhere close to being fact.