D❤L 2 kids; Sunnydale, CA, United States 2772 posts
Apr 22nd '13

I had diet controlled GD.
My daughter was 6lbs 10oz. She was born at 38 weeks.

P@m3L@!! 20 kids; De Land, Florida 3716 posts
Apr 22nd '13
Quoting Mommy of boy & girl:" I didn't have it, but both my babies were almost 11lbs"


user banned 2 kids; Bat Cave, North Carolina 64587 posts
Apr 22nd '13

I had it with my second pregnancy, DD was 7 lbs 15 oz. Only 6 oz more than DS was, (and I didn't have it with him) and she was born a week and a half later, at 39.5 weeks

♥T-D-A♥ 17 kids; Michigan 1892 posts
Apr 22nd '13

I am type 2 and was taking insulin 5x a day... DS was 7lbs, 11oz at 36 wks. perfectly healthy.

Natalie K Due August 12 (boy); 2 kids; Indiana 82 posts
Apr 22nd '13

Had it with my first and it was diet controlled. I had him at 41 weeks and he was 8 lbs 13 oz