Show Ready for Love Amanda Contento Florida 2302 posts
Apr 22nd '13

I am NOT surprised it was pulled from the network after 2 episodes. It was so fake and predictable. I stopped watching after the douche chose his ex girlfriend over the two other girls he could have chosen. I knew right then and there that the show was dumb and I was not going to watch something so fake. How many of you would choose your ex over 2 new people you could get to know and possibly spend your life with or marry.

Amanda Contento Florida 2302 posts
Apr 22nd '13
Quoting ⚓ Sarah ⚓:" I barely made it through the first episode but I did see the previews for the next one with the ex. ... [snip!] ... ex. That just screams: we only broke up to go on the show, we just want our 15 minutes and someone to pay for our wedding."

LOL. I didn't see the first episode because I was in Jamaica on vacation with hubby and out dancing so I was NOT going to stop my evening for it. I am on a Smiley360 mission for it so I HAD to watch it and report back. Smiley360 is awesome and gives missions which gives free stuff like free soup from Campbell's toothpaste, so many more those were just a few I was on.