you know your toddlers hitting a growth spurt when... HippiHobbitMama Due March 15; 2 kids; Savannah, Georgia 2343 posts
Apr 20th '13

- hes nursing like newborn and inhaling every protein in sight, plus your now starving and thirsty from nursing so much

share yours

user banned Due November 26; 1 child; Parkersburg, West Virginia 9548 posts
Apr 20th '13

yes all of that plus they stop sleeping for long stretches and act all crabby

Captain Obvious 2 kids; Havana, Cuba 25634 posts
Apr 20th '13

IDK if mine's still considered a toddler, but my 4-1/2 year old gets baaaaaaaaaaad growing pains. :( poor thing. he was crying about them the other night and the next day when i picked him up from school he said, "mommy, my shoes are hurting my little toe. i think i need bigger ones"

Always♥Faithful 2 kids; CHERRY POINT, North Carolina 21738 posts
Apr 20th '13

Dd has been a bottomless pit. She alone has about killed all of the cutie oranges I bought just yesterday.

Mak&Row 18 kids; Portland, Oregon 763 posts
Apr 20th '13

Mine won't stop eating...she's been eating all day and not sack little foods, but hummus and tortillas, eggs, waffles, strawberries, 3 bowls of cereal, pb&j sandwich, tomatoes, milk and water and she's still asking for more. She's 5 and not even 40 lbs :)

mom2andrew&carter 18 kids; Leesburg, Florida 2159 posts
Apr 21st '13

mine wont stop eating and drinking. he also has bad growing pains he tells me his legs hurt constantly