nuva ring jkelly08 19 kids; Calais, Maine 104 posts
Apr 20th '13

Not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but I have on Nuva Ring since January and had regular monthly cycles, I had my normal cycle this month from the 4th-7th on the 11th I realized that birth control was causing my depression and I stopped using the nuva ring, I then had another cycle from the 15th-18th, but my ovulation calendar is showing that my ovulation this month should be from the 15th-25th with my strongest point being today, now what I want to know is having that second cycle from stopping the nuva ring does that change my ovulation days this month? or do I still have a chance of getting pregnant from the days we had sex on the 14th and 19th?

user banned 17 kids; Boston, MA, United States 9473 posts
Apr 20th '13

are you ttc?

you can get pregnant no matter what if you had unprotected sex...are you using some app to tell you when you ovulate? or using your body signs?

jkelly08 19 kids; Calais, Maine 104 posts
Apr 20th '13

using an app an on my ipad its called M&O Cal.