Ear tubes in 3 month old. Cuterest 2 kids; Utah 223 posts
Apr 20th '13

My 3 month old got tubes put in her ears yesterday morning. Everything went great. When she woke up yesterday evening I noticed that her left ear was leaking blood. Not pink looking blood. I mean RED blood. Let me say first the nurse told me that we shouldn't be seeing any red blood leaking from the ears and if you do call her doctor. So I did just that and the on call nurse said "Some times that happens and as long as it isn't gushing blood to not worry about it." She also said to check it today and if it gets worse to take her in to the nearest Instacare or ER. It isn't worse but it still is leaking blood. My question for you ladies is has this happen to your little kids before? If so what did you guys do? Thanks in advance. :)