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Apr 20th '13

Dear Lord!

The illuminati did exist as a challenge to church power during the elightenment, that is why there is all this pish written about them as evil. They wanted effectively seperation of church and state and we all know - He who challenges the church is a heretic, the anti christ.

They weren't. They were normally influential thinkers and artists etc who challenged church orthodoxy or beliefs i.e. divine providence of kings, the world is flat or that the social sytem was how things were designed to be and so on. Of course they were feared by the elites who then spread the nosnsense: they will takeover our lives, kill us all.

I know plenty of masons, they're all religious (at least the scottish ones). The eye in the triangle is a G for god in the masonic lodge here. I find them to be mainly an old boys club, a network if you will, who have connections amongst themselves but very little power. I see little difference between them and rich boys clubs at the likes of Oxford, Harvard etc.

And really Beyonce and Jay Z at the head of a conspiracy?!