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Apr 19th '13

My daughter is 3 (will be four in August)

We have talked about stranger danger but haven't gone into what to do if someone she trusts were to touch her

How do I approach this? I don't want to be overly detailed because she has a tendancy to kind of repeat things she is just learning a lot, and I won't know what is real and what is her being an enthusiastic student

What is the best way to approach this for someone her age? I tell her that she is in charge of her own body and that if an adult does anything to make her uncomfortable she has the right to say no. Should I be doing more?

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Apr 19th '13

I just told DD strait up...never answer the door or go outside by yourself, never run off in public, never talk to strangers, because they can steal you away from mommy and I might not see you again...that they can grab her and drive away with her in a car...I am very careful but you never know!

also I told her that her butt and her areas are private for her, and no one is to touch her, and if they do she has to tell mommy or daddy and not be scared to tell us.