Breastfeeding diet ~The Lunar Flower~ 2 kids; Alabama 6748 posts
Apr 19th '13

I don't specifically mean dieting while breastfeeding but I am looking for healthier meal ideas so that I can actually see SOME progress from exercising everyday. Lately I haven't been able to eat much at all & I don't want to dry up. I'm about to split my meal into smaller portions because for a week now the whole 3 meal thing hasn't worked out because I haven't been able to eat enough of it. What do you put on your grocery list that could go for a small meal without being super fattening?

J+B=Z&L ♡ 2 kids; Pensacola, Florida 5968 posts
Apr 19th '13

Some of my faves are chicken spinach wraps and chicken salad with avocado instead of mayo.

White Chocolate Milk 1 child; Chelsea, Alabama 12304 posts
Apr 19th '13

You could cook up a bunch of chicken breasts and half them for meals. Or shread/slice them to put in salads, wraps, etc.