Birth Control question LaLaLuvsAugust Due March 5; 2 kids; Bremerton, Washington 510 posts
Apr 18th '13

I had my copper IUD removed on April 9th. Started Loestrin FE or whatever on the 10th. All my intercourse prior to getting my IUD removed was unprotected. My period started April 3rd. We had unprotected sex 3 times this week (since I've gotten the new BC). What are the chances of me getting pregnant? :shock: :shock: :shock:

Angel [Mariah's Mommy] 1 child; Indianapolis, Indiana 18065 posts
Apr 18th '13

You have had unprotected sex it's 50-50 pee on a stick in a couple weeks

Mrs.Mud 6 kids; 2 angel babies; North Dakota 3314 posts
Apr 18th '13

Were you told to use a backup form of protection while your body adjusted to the pill? Usually you're supposed to use backup for 2 - 4 weeks, so I'd say your chances are fair.

Angela Nichols 2 kids; California 464 posts
Apr 18th '13

pee on a stick.
I thought you were to use back up for 4 weeks after starting a new bc? that's what I always get told. one of the reasons I just went with the copper iud