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breastfeeding in public? With or without a cover? Brantley+Savannah 2 kids; Mills River, NC, United States 3119 posts
Apr 18th '13

Okay so I saw a debate on facebook about breastfeeding a child in public without a cover over them. The whole thing was basically "you should be respectful of others and use a cover while breastfeeding in public."

I didnt breastfeed my son because he wouldnt latch but I do plan to breastfeed this baby and I WILL NOT put a cover over my babies head while I feed him/her in public. The way I see it is, I dont expect you to cover your head while you eat, so why should my babies head be covered while he/she eats? Its not that hard to look away, and there are laws where I am that protect breastfeeding mothers from being discriminated against.

What is your view on the matter? If you think breastfeeding moms should use a cover what is your reasoning behind it? If you don't think a breastfeeding mother should use a cover what is your reasoning behind it?

If you breastfeed do you use a cover? Why do you use a cover or why do you not use a cover?

The woman who was making a big deal about it did so because she didnt want to explain to her 4 year old what was happening because he had never seen a baby being breastfed before.

ETA: I am seeing people answering that breastfeeding mothers should use a cover and i really want to hear the replies from those people.

Walking in Memphis 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Macon, Georgia 5986 posts
Apr 18th '13

I use a cover when in public because I am more comfortable with it. At home I don't. But also it doesn't bother me one way or the other what other nursing mothers do as long as they are comfortable.

loser mom 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Oslo, Norway, ,,, Europe 12277 posts
Apr 18th '13

I don't think moms should use a cover if they don't want to. Babies get hot under the cover.

I don't understand why people can't just tell their children the TRUTH about breastfeeding. Mommies, cats, dogs, cows,ect. all make milk to feed babies. Children don't see breasts as sexual objects (well, they shouldn't anyway).... it's adults that do.

AngelGabriel'sMama 1 child; Dayton, Ohio 2103 posts
Apr 18th '13

Women shouldn't have to cover up unless they feel more comfortable that way.

5 years= 5kids Due November 2; 4 kids; Sullivan, Missouri 2287 posts
Apr 18th '13

I have huge b**bs, so I use a cover because I'm a very modest person. I don't care whether other people use a cover or not, but I do. However I don't use a blanket because that to me is just a hazard.

I use a nursing cover that keeps a gap where you can still see the baby and he/she cam see you.

3 kids; nowhere, ca, United States 46959 posts
Apr 18th '13

I never use a cover, when they are teeny, i put a blanket on them, but not over them, I make sure that i am dressed appropriately for easy access, and maximum coverage, I almost always wear a tshirt with a cami under it, pull down the top of the cami pull up the tshirt, that way my back and belly are covered, and babies head covers the rest, i have never once been told to not nurse somewhere or to cover up, have never even be given a second glance.. You do not have to whip out your whole b**b to nurse, it can be done, where you can see nothing

Crystal 3 kids; Hephzibah, Georgia 15566 posts
Apr 18th '13

I think a cover should be used only for the comfort of the Mother. If she is uncomfortable with her breast being viewed in public, then cover it up, if she's fine, then uncover it.

Momma Rawks 1 child; Iowa 7403 posts
Apr 18th '13

I would rather watch an infant nurse from their mother than watch most people eat their food in a restaurant. People slurping down soup, chewing with their mouths open, etc... it's so gross, but they're allowed to do it anyway.

MommyToWesley 1 child; Delaware 3847 posts
Apr 18th '13

I never use a cover when I feed Wesley in public, and I've publicly breastfed him literally around the world. Never once used a cover, and never once was asked to use one, but I wouldn't even if I was asked.

Even if I wanted to/felt the need to cover, Wesley won't tolerate it. I would show WAY more b**b and nipples if I tried to cover him. The child hates anything over his face. He screams when I pull a shirt over his head; no way would he sit covered for 20+ minutes.

I declare a Time War 1 child; Ohio 1591 posts
Apr 18th '13

I plan on breastfeeding my baby and I don't plan on using a cover unless I feel uncomfortable not using one. It just seems like it would get in the way and make things more difficult. I mean honestly, if you can't explain to your child that I am feeding my baby in the way nature intended and designed my body to do so, then its your issue not mine.

☆Mrs. Mathers☆ 3 kids; Greenway, OH, United States 26554 posts
Apr 18th '13

i never got a chance to breastfeed...but idc what others do. i honestly don't see the big deal. you're feeding your child. it's not like you're flashing your tits at someone. i know most mothers who do breastfeed in public can do so without revealing much skin at all.

i find it weird that she the woman doesn't want to explain it to her 4 year old. at 3/4 years old my DD knew that breast/nipples were for breastfeeding. it's very natural so i don't see why she wouldn't want to educate her child.

E☮M♥M♫A Due February 26; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Cleveland, Tennessee 2643 posts
Apr 18th '13

I used one the few times I NIP with DS..This one, I plan on using one until I can do it discreetly and unnoticeable. We recently went out to eat with some friends and their kids, and she is nursing her 11mo old, and you wouldn't have even known she was nursing. She was wearing an ergo with the head support, also.

I'm actually a virgin Due June 9; 1 child; Oregon 18466 posts
Apr 18th '13

I don't cover my head while I eat out, I'm not going to cover up my child why (s) he eats either.

Sneakmom 2 kids; Texas 4861 posts
Apr 18th '13

I don't use a cover. I try to nurse discreetly, but sometimes shit happens

K and N TTC since Nov 2012; 2 kids; Denver City, Texas 1890 posts
Apr 18th '13

I would be more comfortable, I think using a cover in public.
But if other moms don't want to cover, i don't have a problem with that.