I have an appointment at 1pm for PPD ♥BakedACake♥ 2 kids; Hillsboro, Missouri 2964 posts
Apr 18th '13

I think i have a bad case of PPD.
I'm not suicidal or have thoughts against my daughter but here's why I think I have it:

I have no self worth. I think i look like a fat ugly old b***h when I look in the mirror. I'm 22 and my neighbors thought I was 28-32 and I don't get carded at gas stations anymore for smokes.
I randomly cry. Like today while I was feeding my daughter.
I don't feel like a mother to my 2 children.
All my husband wants, is sex (he's admitted he's a sex addict) and I have no sex drive AT ALL.
I also feel like I've done nothing but clean and take care of the children for 4 weeks and his excuse it "I work"
Me and him fight ALL the time. I even told him the other day that "I feel like a big, fat, free hooker that gives him free housekeeping and nanny services"
My SIL is in labor right now and for the past 6 weeks since my daughter was born, it's been nothing but about HER with my husbands family. Hell, my daughter was 2 weeks old on easter and my SIL held her once and then gave her to her MIL and said "Here's a practce baby" and laughed. She then spent the rest of the hour we were there showing off her f**king expensive nursery because they have money.
I feel like I'm not giving my children a good enough life because I don't have a high class job like my SIL and her husband have. (Shes a high business person for a casino, and he's a head manager for Pepsi) So we don't have money flying out the ass like she does.
I live around HIS family only and I feel so freaking alone it's not funny. My family live in all directions 3+ hours away and all he does is defend his family.
I enjoyed doing crafts and now I have no drive to do ANY of it. I sit at my computer or sit on the couch in a daze and forget the world around me.

I might be over exagerating but I just feel like me and my daughter have been put on the back burner and I don't want to live around here anymore.

If you were diagnosed with PPD, what did they do?

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Apr 18th '13
Quoting Supafly★:" Minus the sex part, I could have written this entire thing. Especially about my SIL. She's due in May ... [snip!] ... they will set you up with therapy and if they feel you need medication, you will also be given a psychiatrist appointment. "

I just feel like they are rubbing it in my face. I don't want therapy, my husband wants me to get help. I just want to be a lifeless f**k so I don't have to fight or think about anything anymore.

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Apr 18th '13
Quoting Supafly★:" Therapy will really help. Maybe medication, too. Are you stuck around them for awhile or you guys have plans to live somewhere else?"

He refuses to move a driving distance from them. But I have live hours away from mine. The bad thing is, I wouldn't want to move too far because his mother is our babysitter when were both at work.

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Apr 18th '13

honestly it doesnt sound like ppd just regular depression caused by the douchebags you have to put up with

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Apr 18th '13
Quoting Supafly★:" Oh okay, that makes sense. Are you working now? "

I'm still on leave. I go back on the 6th

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Apr 18th '13
Quoting Supafly★:" That will help a lot, trust me. You'll miss your baby but getting out of the house and interacting with people who don't make you feel like crap will help those feelings go away. "

Yeah I'm looking forward to it. lol