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Apr 18th '13

My daughter has been sick since she started school, seriously, she has something at least every two weeks. I thought it was because she hadn't been around many kids and she just needed to build an immune system but last week she got pink eye. She ended up staying out of school for five days because it was viral and we just had to wait for it to go away. On the fifth day her eyes were completely back to normal, I sent her to school the next morning (yesterday) on the fifth day and yesterday all I did was wash and clean everything in the house so she wouldn't get it again. This morning she woke up with pink eye again in both eyes. :/ she went to school for ONE DAY! Do you think she just caught it here again, maybe I didn't clean the stuff fast enough? I mean I washed towels and stuff immediately, I'm talking blankets and pillows and such. Do you think she caught it at school? I'm going to call her school this morning and let them know that she has it again and she was only there for one day. When she got it the first time the nurse told me there was a lot of kids with it. Ugh! She just hasn't been healthy like this whole year. :/

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Apr 18th '13

I think pink eye is cause by if she doesn't wash her hands after going to the washroom, either at home or at school, and rubs her eyes...there you go.

also, it could be from a dog or a cat?