my poor guy! mommy5916 Due October 7 (girl); 5 kids; California 2888 posts
Apr 17th '13

my 20mnth old has his first ever infection :( he has a double ear infection, pink eye in both eyes, and a sinus infection. this is his first time on any kind of anibiotic, so far so good. but i cant help but feel like a bad mom, hes been super crabby for 2 days, non stop crying and having full on, kicking and screaming fits on the floor, i thought it was just a toddler thing, but i was wrong, my baby was sick, and hurting, and i didnt help him :( im days away from having another baby, and feeling aweful myself. but i should have known!

Uh-Nis-Uh [EBF] 2 kids; West Virginia 15190 posts
Apr 17th '13

No worries mama! My kids had RSV for two days and I thought it was just a cold until my daughter was so dehydrated she had to be rushed to the ER, she wasn't very responsive and when they stuck IVs in her she didn't even cry, just watched them. It was scary. Hope your little guy feels better!

*Booger Biscuit's Mom* 33 kids; Temecula, California 7301 posts
Apr 17th '13

Don't beat yourself up! It happens when they can't tell you how they are feeling and what hurts :( My daughter recently had the exact same thing (double ear infection, double pink eye and a sinus infection)

susanesque 2 kids; Georgia 8430 posts
Apr 17th '13

Don't feel bad. I recently went through the same thing with my 3 year old. She had been extremely grouchy for about a week or two and DH and I chalked it up to an age thing. I took her for her 3 year checkup and her ears were soooo bad infected and she had strep. :( Poor thing never even let on that she was sick! I felt even worse later because her ears were so bad that the first antibiotics did no good and she had to get a round of shots (1 a day, 3 days that week).

And if this is his first time on antibiotics, I say great job! :)

mommy5916 Due October 7 (girl); 5 kids; California 2888 posts
Apr 18th '13

thanks guys :) i think i just feel bad because im so diligent about his health, about 5 mons ago we found out he has a tumor in his right eye, on the optic nerve and hes also blind in that eye. so we've been in and out of doctors offices ever since, i guess i feel like i just over looked this, plus im hormonal right now, and thats not helping