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Apr 18th '13
Quoting J'Kobis Mommy :):" <blockquote><b>Quoting Jenny011:</b>" I edited it so maybe thats why"</blockquote> Oh ok! Yeah that's one weird looking test. Try another one Hun! Keep your head up."

Yea I think it's because it's an old test that I randomly found in my drawer from about 2 years ago... It was still in it's packaging but I guess they expire. I don't know, I'm pretty ignorant about these things. I just saw the other line and got so happy but the more I look at at and the more other people tell me it doesn't look right, I realized it doesn't. And thank you, I'm trying to stay positive!

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Apr 24th '13

Did you ever retest?

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Apr 24th '13
Quoting Pam mom of 3:" Did you ever retest?"