Still nothing happening "down there" Abend88 34 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 899 posts
Apr 17th '13

I'm 36 weeks, 4 days. Had my appt today and still nothing. I had my son at 37 weeks, and he was 7lbs 1oz. Doctor said at this rate my girl will be bigger than her brother was. I know I still have time...but any suggestions on moving things along?

☮[The Mrs.] FJB Due December 4; 3 kids; North Carolina 14335 posts
Apr 17th '13

Sadly I can't help. I wasn't progressing then one day boom my water broke in my sleep.

3 kids; nowhere, ca, United States 46959 posts
Apr 17th '13

just relax and enjoy the last few days/weeks of kicking, rolling, and just let the baby cook until she is ready to come out..

~The Lunar Flower~ 2 kids; Alabama 6748 posts
Apr 17th '13

Have patience & make yourself busy. Time goes by quicker. Pack your hospital bag, clean, bake, cook, walk, exercise

NICKEL☮POLIS 2 kids; Ontario 6268 posts
Apr 17th '13

Nope.. it would be irresponsible of you to try and 'move things along' at this point.
Your baby will come when she is ready.. be patient.

Amanda.M 2 kids; St Albans, Vermont 890 posts
Apr 17th '13

You still have at least 3 weeks left! Why do you want to evict her already??

♡☆º×ß¡±©µ×º☆♡ 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Centralia, Wa, United States 49858 posts
Apr 17th '13

You still have a month wait it out

**Cali's Mommie**[EBF] 2 kids; San Jacinto, California 661 posts
Apr 17th '13

baby will come when babys ready! every pregnancy is diffrent she might not come til 40 weeks you just gotta be patient!

......................... Oregon 14226 posts
Apr 17th '13

It sucks when you have large kids and you just want it to be over.

But the baby will come when it's ready, no matter how YOU feel about it.

My 37 weeker was almost 9. And my last one I made it all the way to 39 weeks till my induction date and he was 10lbs(I have to be medically induced due to size to avoid problems to the baby and myself). I hated waiting, but I got over it quickly. I wanted him as healthy as possible!