Curling iron M4 2 kids; Alabama 9032 posts
Apr 17th '13

I desperately need a new one. I use a straightener mostly so was thinking about one that curls hair too, but I have a decent straightener so I'm not sure what to get. I just know I need something that gets super hot! My hair is thick and doesn't hold a curl with rinky dink curling irons. I have also been seeing the curling wands. Any suggestions??

No Earth Mother 2 kids; Darlington, United Kingdom 7435 posts
Apr 17th '13

I have a curling wand they're good.

monique007 Japan 10 posts
Apr 18th '13

I use the karmin g3 clipless, it's really good, makes awsm curls and they last for long time. :) if you are interested I bought mine at safrons. com :D