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Apr 16th '13

So im between 25 and 30 doc keeps switching my due date... the other day i was sitting on the couch and my baby was moving around and stuff like she always does in my tummy and i rubbed my tummy to feel her like i always do...not hard or anything but the instant my hand touched where she was pushing out on my tummy i got an instant shooting pain in that spot, and now everytime the baby moves around that area it hurts, and if its that spot excactly its downright painful....its like on my right upper tummy...more towards the middle though...i just dontknow what it cold possibly be...ive had a child before, so i know its notlabor pains, or bh and ive never really felt something like this...i imagine if someone drilled an inch circumfirence hole in my tummy and like hooked something in there and pulled on it hard it would be the same