I had a bad dream... *Mary Moon* 1 child; New York 3606 posts
Apr 16th '13

So I had a bad dream...and its been eating at me. SO mentioned his best man wants him to go to his house for a mans weekend before the wedding next month. Cool cool. I even ribbed him, saying "oooh, his town has strippers, that sounds fun!"
I had a bad dream the other night that he did all kinds of nasty sex with a stripper they hired in, and the dream stupidly, literally made me jealous and insecure (of an imaginary stripper, no less!)
I trust him. I could trust him completely alone with naked woman easily. He has never done anything to make me distrustful. One time I was distrustful of a relationship he had with a female friend but that was because the woman was hitting on my then bf for the sake of being annoying and making her bf jealous, at one point whilst we were dating, and despite it being old history once she became closer with current SO I wanted to burn her with fire. Nothing came of it and she is just so backstabbingly annoying she drove apart their little work clique anyway. Long to short, I absolutely trust him.
But say you were to spin the tables and turn them on to me why I am I having these dreams?
I say dreams because I also had a dream not so long ago that he was breaking up with me to see other people. Also uncharacteristic of SO, even when I am all angsty and moody and have my "our relationship is so void. What happened to our spark?!" tantrums, he reassures me he has never been more in love and each day he loves me and our son more, even if we don't have time to show each other that. So I feel like he isn't going anywhere, yet I dream he is?
Is this pre wedding jitters? Is this cold feet? Is the fact that my mind is dumping a bunch of shitty insecure dreams on me this close to my wedding absolutely non factor and dream analyzing means nothing?