question related to tornado & apartment living. Mama of 2 monsters 18 kids; Lima, Ohio 236 posts
Apr 16th '13

Ok We live on the 3rd floor of our apartment complex. There is a laundry room on the bottom floor but it has a small window in it.
What would be your advice for where to get my family during a tornado siren?
Any advice would be wonderful. Were from Maine so not use to this at all. & quite freaked out about it.

user banned Due September 27 (girl); 4 kids; Nova Scotia 28962 posts
Apr 16th '13

Basement is bottom floor? If so underneath those stairs.
Or if you know a neighbour in the lowest level and in their washroom. Any inside wall/room.

brodyzmom Due December 18 (girl); 1 child; 3 angel babies; Huntsville, Alabama 2792 posts
Apr 16th '13

Bottom floor, most interior room you can get in to.

The Blissful Six 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Massachusetts 10260 posts
Apr 16th '13

I'd think even the laundry room with it's small window would be safer than staying on the third floor. You want to get to the lowest level possible.

Madi's*Mama Due November 2; 1 child; Holland, Michigan 7391 posts
Apr 16th '13

We would go underneath the stairs, or there was a small hallway before the laundry room so we would go there as well.

MahmuhMahmuh 3 kids; Wichita, Kansas 6706 posts
Apr 16th '13

I'm from Kansas, tornado valley.. We go outside to watch. lol in all seriousness though lowest most interior room, like everyone else has said!

jaela's♥mommy {BBM} 1 child; Lewisville, Texas 10628 posts
Apr 16th '13

i would probly go in the laundry room and hide in a corner furthest away from the window.

Mama of 2 monsters 18 kids; Lima, Ohio 236 posts
Apr 16th '13

We don't know anyone on our bottom floor. Which sucks.
So far this spring no tornado warnings or watches in our area.
I was thinking the laundry room because it;s the lowest level we can get to. a very small window. 2 washers & dryers and than a small sink with an area under it that we could get to.

Mandee ♥ 2 kids; Fresno, CA, United States 1132 posts
Apr 16th '13

I've always been told lowest place with the least amount of windows.. So I think your laundry room would work?

...Didn't stop me from asking my husband if we could get an unground doomsday shelter (Think of the "Bones" episode.. LOL)