Need name fast! ~chel~ Due June 2 (boy); 1 child; Kentucky 134 posts
Apr 16th '13

I am due in 6wks and still have not settled on a name for my boy. I have some options but can't narrow it down and am still open to suggestions on other possibilities. The baby will be white, and I didn't want his name to sound like a different ethnicity (although, I think they are usually the coolest names!)Here are my names that I sorta like so far. My Hubby likes the Lucian Tiberius name, but I just don't know.

Lucian Mathias Craft (Lucian pronounced Loo-shun. Meaning "light" and taken from the Biblical name Luke) Mathias pronounced Muh-thigh-us means Gift of God.

Lucian Tiberius Craft (Tiberius pronounced Ty-beer-ee-us)

Lucian Titus Craft (Titus means "Titan of the giants/pleasing)

Gideon Tiberius Craft (Gideon means "Mighty warrior")

Options don't have to be Biblical (I honestly don't like many names in the Bible, they are too common). I like unusual names. Thanks for any suggestions :)

A is Me 1 child; South Carolina 3782 posts
Apr 16th '13

Lucian matthias.

I love Lucian :) my sons father is a Lucius, nickname Louie.

Mrs.Mechanic TTC since Sep 2015; 3 kids; Soldotna, Alaska 2229 posts
Apr 16th '13

I really like Lucien Matthias and Gideon Tiberius :-D

Allons-y Due January 29 (girl); 2 kids; Utah 2318 posts
Apr 16th '13

Lucian Tiberius!

BooBee 2 kids; Virginia 1659 posts
Apr 16th '13

I like Lucian Matthias.

~chel~ Due June 2 (boy); 1 child; Kentucky 134 posts
Apr 16th '13

I like the name Lucian Mathias also. That would actually be a name from my and my husbands sides of the family. He has a Lucian in his family and I have a Mathias in mine. (Both are distantly related and have passed away yrs ago, so that would be a good way to remember them)

=^•^= NO, OD, France 36543 posts
status Apr 16th '13

Lucian Tiberus is awesome. Two of my favorite names.

ᗋuτumnαl ~, OO, United States 76520 posts
Apr 16th '13

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lucien Tiberius.

~chel~ Due June 2 (boy); 1 child; Kentucky 134 posts
Apr 16th '13

You guys are making it difficult now.LOL. That was the main 2 names I was between was Lucian Tiberius and Lucian Mathias. Maybe I should just go with what hubby wants (Tiberius) since I named our daughter. I just HATE the looks/comments I get when I tell pple our son is going to be named Lucian Tiberius. Yeah, even my mom was like "are you serious" and laughed at it.......which kinda really made me mad! I don't care if I have everyones approval on it, I just don't want to name the kid something everyone is going to be like WTF over and he will be made fun of for. So glad to know that some people like these