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"Dibs" Tig Ol' Bitties Due June 16 (girl); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; d***o,, NF, Canada 4057 posts
Apr 16th '13

So, when my daughter was born we didn't end up using the name we had picked when I was pregnant. There were other babies at the hospital with it and it just seemed really comman.

So we brought her home and for six days threw names back and forth. At one we tried on each of our names but always changed our minds.

Eventually we HAD to pick something because the government was sending us letters. I said to DH, "If there is something that you really want that I have vetoed, you can just have it." To which he said there wasn't and posed the question back to me. So I said "Actually I would like _____ with the middle name _____" And he agreed.

The next day he came in and said that he felt because I had gotten to name DD, that he should have exclusive rights to name the next baby, and I agreed.

So now I am pregnant, and I don't like a lot of his choices. He agreed to compromise to something we were both comfortable with. Yesterday he said however, that because I chose DD#1 and we compromised on DD#2, he wants complete and total "dibs" on a third child's name.

I guess I can see his point, but I think its a little on fair. I only got exclusive rights to DD#! because the dude had nothing. Not having any say will take a lot of the fun out of the naming process.

What do you think?

LA REINA™ New York, NY, United States 16690 posts
Apr 16th '13

You guys should reach a compromise.

Mommy of 3 ♦ Due June 30 (girl); 2 kids; Cumberland, Maryland 496 posts
Apr 16th '13

It seems to me if he agreed on your DD1's first name,whether it was last minute or not..that was him compromising?? It seems to me like he wants complete and total control and is being a douche bag IMO. You should very well at the very least name your child something that you both agree upon and would not mind using. Even if one or the other gets to chose the other SO should def atleast like the name. Compromise,it's both of your child/children.

Turtley Mikey Due October 31; 2 kids; California 50611 posts
Apr 16th '13

Haha.. you guys seem like a hot mess when it comes to naming.. NO more babies... no more naming mess. ... LOL

I'd definitely compromise. I wouldn't want my child having a name I despised just because I agreed to let SO fully name. It's a joint thing.

CandiceLeeAnn 2 kids; Nova Scotia 500 posts
Apr 16th '13

We didn't have much trouble picking names for our children so we didn't need to compromise. However, I told DH that since I grow them for 9 months and get them out, that means I have final say :D I really think that you should both be able to suggest names and come to a decision you're both happy with...but if all else fails, I'd go with my view on growing/birthing giving you final say lol.