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Apr 15th '13
Quoting Bumpachucka:" Actually, there are not "a lot of people who just get them handed to them". That's been proven false ... [snip!] ... And history proves what happens once the government goes door to door and makes sure every homes' guns are registered."

Well I don't agree with some that!
I was actually refering more to our back ground checks in Australia. People are led to believe they are extensive but they are not as thorough as they seem. I work for a sports shooting club and am an active competitior so I don't want my rights in owning my firearms taken away at all, but I still do strongly believe that our back ground checks (over here) are not good enough. We have had convicted armed robbers handed a firearms licence, a person that did a home invasion with a firearm that also has there firearm licence handed to them. In my field of work I at times have to deem a person to be fit or unfit to hold a firearms licence just by going through there training, temperment etc with them, this is after the firearms branch have already given them permission. I have seen many people come through with there clearance when they really shouldnt have been given one at all. At the end of the day unless they are unsafe at handeling a firearm I cant say shit, even if they are acting crazy and make comments about going out and shooting people if I voiced my concern it would be hard to revoke what they have already been given! This is what scares me.