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Apr 15th '13

Spirituality/Religion, Astrology, Tudor-Stuart England, Shakespeare, Abnormal and Forensic Psychology (Criminology, Victimology, etc.), Theatre and Theatre History... and tons of other crap. haha

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Apr 15th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting speaktruth2powr:</b>" (I put this in D & D, just in case) I have realized that I love reading stuff about Mormonism. I ... [snip!] ... about Mormonism that is really interesting to me. Anyone else have any subject or topic they really love to learn about?"</blockquote>

I enjoyed reading this as I found myself saying "me too," often.
I'm in 2 book clubs and I'm getting very in-tune with things I like and things I'd rather avoid. I tend to like serious, depressing topics that show how awful human beings can be (holocaust, Viet Cong, etc).
I like learning about lots of different periods of history, but often the learning isn't via books as I fall asleep!
I Love learning about money and politics, too.

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Apr 15th '13

astrology/spirituality, European history

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Apr 15th '13

Food and sexual anthropology.

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Apr 15th '13

I love reading about near death experiences and stunning cases of reincarnation.