ameda purely yours pump...older model [Doe Eyed Dirty Lurker] ; 18 kids; noneya, TN, United States 3252 posts
Apr 14th '13

My husbands grandmother bought me a double electric pump yesterday...its a ameda purely yours...this thing is the date on the box says 2000. Its brand new, I broke the seal on the box myself and everything is still completely encased in plastic, so I'm satisfied. It even looks exactly like the one they have on amazon right now.

My question is...does anyone know if the current parts on the market will work with it? If something breaks I don't want to be shit out of luck haha.

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Apr 14th '13

I would probably call the company. More than likely they have pieces

Vicki@Ameda Illinois 2 posts
Apr 16th '13

Hi, my name is Vicki and I work for Ameda. Yes, all of our kits, bottles, etc work with all our pumps no matter the year they were manufactured. Please let me know if you have any other questions and happy breastfeeding!