super confused? Caitlin(: 1 child; USA 976 posts
Apr 13th '13

Hello ladies!
Here is my story.

Last period was March 9. Took ovulation tests like march 23-25 & wewe're positive.

Pregnancy test april 2 positive.
Hcg level april 3 -29
Hcg level april 10- 1800.

I asked my doctor based on my hcg level how far along am I ?
They said six weeks.

But going from my last period six weeks isn't possible.

Is it still possible to be six weeks evem though my period was five weeks ago today ??

D❤L 2 kids; Sunnydale, CA, United States 2772 posts
Apr 13th '13

Your doctor can estimate how far along you might be based on hcg levels but your hcg level doesn't mean that you have to be 6 weeks.

With this pregnancy I had high hcg levels. My level at 4 weeks is in the 5 week range but I was only 4 weeks.