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Apr 13th '13

Alright, lets see if I can remember everything lol

Last Thursday I had gone into my appointment and was almost 1cm dilated, high, thick and hard. They scheduled an induction for Friday April 12th and sent me on my way.

So Wednesday, April 10th, morning about 3:00am I woke up and felt kind of weird so I ended up tossing and turning until 3:40, when I felt something leak out, felt like it was just discharge so I got up to go into the bathroom and when I got there I had soaked panties. I did some squats and weird jumping to see if anything else came out and it didn't so I went to get my phone to call mom and tell her to be on call. When I was coming back out from grabbing my phone I felt a bubble and caught it in my hand, it was bloody water so I officially started freaking out because I wasn't expecting it lol.
I called mom and told her my water broke, or leaked, and she got here about 4:20am, the entire time Devan is freaking out like no other "where is she?!" "Why isn't she here?!" (calm the F down, dude.) I put a pad on and kept feeling like i was peeing myself, annoying that, and when mom got here we were off.

We got to the hospital about 4:40, had to use the darn phone so they would let us in lol, got taken back into one of the examining rooms to check me in and make sure it was my water and not that i peed myself. While I was being checked into the computer my water let loose and it appeared I peed myself, which DH had to point out lol, Then the new nurse came in to finish up checking me in and to take a swab, as I was sitting on the bed i gushed a bunch and I told the nurse (who happened to be an old neighbor of mine lol) that if this was pee I was going to feel like an idiot. She took a swab and SURPRISE, it was my water! So I got to change into the lovely gown and was given the diaper pad since my water leaked pretty much the rest of my time there.

At 6:00am they started me on pitocin because I had yet to start contracting and I was only 1.5cm dilated with a very high cervix. When they checked me Jensen's heart rate freaked out and I ended up having to stay on my side for about an hour to make sure that everything was fine. They were concerned that with my cervix so high the cord may slip out and cause some big problems.
By 9am I was only 3cm dilated and I wanted to die because the labor was taking so gosh darn long to progress, that and I was starving and was only allowed a liquid diet, so I ate the SHIT out strawberry jello.
At 11 I woke Devan up because my contractions were more than a whisper at this point and I needed the moral support of a human being, rather than the computer. He got up, got some food, like an ass :wink: ,and sat next to me and let me squeeze his hand and he even rubbed my back a bit.
at 3 my contractions got worse, I bared through them but I kept going cross eyed with being tired so I asked if I could get something to take the edge off a bit, so she gave me something..don't remember what the crap it was but all it did was make my contractions quit for a couple minutes and make my head swim, but I did get to rest for the couple minutes the contractions quit.
At 4:20 I asked for another little 'shot' of the stuff again, she checked me and I was at 7 so she said she'd go ahead and give me this and then we'd see where we were..shit did not do a damn thing that time and I went into the bathroom and was feeling the urge to push but was able to control it but let her know anyway. At 4:45 I told her that the urge to push was getting hard to fight so she checked me again and said I was still at 7, then at 4:50 I started actually pushing and told her, so she said after this 'next contraction' we'll check you but since I was FULL on pushing she checked me during the contraction and I was at a 10 and he was on his way down the shoot. I had my stupid diaper pad pressed up against my vagina because I didn't want him to fall out when nobody was in the room, at that point I Realized the time and started laughing, which is not a very easy task when you're trying to hold your baby in, and told the nurse my daughter was born at 5:06am on a Wednesday (November 11th) by then the doctor was in and ready so at 5:00 I was allowed to start ACTUALLY pushing, the doctor said she wasn't going to interfere and was going to let me go ahead and push as long, hard etc as I needed to since my body had taken over anyway. Which, was good because he was already crowning and I had no care if I was contracting or not, I was getting the thing OUT of me! at 5:02pm on April 10th Jensen Eugene Leroy was born, cord around his neck loosely, and a tight grip on the cord with one of his hands, which is the reason he had a couple decelerations in his heart rate during my contractions toward the end. He's got a full head of hair, blue/gray eyes, big ol feet!
He was 7lbs 3oz and 21 3/4" long

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Apr 13th '13

How precious! Congrats Mama!

Charlee ♥ Jensen 3 kids; Iowa 56325 posts
Apr 13th '13
Quoting sαяα:" How precious! Congrats Mama!"

THank you :)

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Apr 13th '13

Congrats!! He is Sooo cute!!!

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Apr 13th '13

Congrats! He is precious!

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Apr 13th '13

aww baby is so cute!!!! :D You did a great job, no epi either?!

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Apr 13th '13

He's so cute! Congrats! I love the BFing with one eye open pic.

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Apr 13th '13

Hes adorable!

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Apr 13th '13

He's absolutely precious, congratulations!

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Congratulations he is beautiful!

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Apr 13th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Charlee ♥ Jensen:</b>" Alright, lets see if I can remember everything lol Last Thursday I had gone into my appointment and ... [snip!] ... the end. He's got a full head of hair, blue/gray eyes, big ol feet! He was 7lbs 3oz and 21 3/4" long "</blockquote>

Love him!!! He is absolutely beautiful and you did such an amazing job Kendra!! So excited for your family

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Apr 13th '13

Thank you everyone!! We're pretty happy with him :D

Charlee ♥ Jensen 3 kids; Iowa 56325 posts
Apr 13th '13
Quoting Ryleigh's momma!:" aww baby is so cute!!!! :D You did a great job, no epi either?!"

Nope, no epi!! Though it did cross my mind a couple times lol

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Apr 14th '13

He is so cute!!!!!! Congrats

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Apr 14th '13
Quoting ♔ Mommy-Licious:" He is so cute!!!!!! Congrats"

Thanks, lady :D