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vent/poll sorry it's kinda long Kalie Nicole's Mommy Due January 7; 1 child; Boca Raton, FL, United States 589 posts
Apr 12th '13

So been a while since i posted last but i don't know who else to turn to..i feel so alone my daughter is 19 months and had been sick for a while..she finally got better but yesterday she started to feel icky again so i kept get home from school...anyways, she was pretty rowdy all day didn't take a proper nap and so was grumpy and wouldn't stay still she got a hold of a pair of my sunglasses and broke of the leg as well as turning down the temp in my mini fridge(i have one in my room) now I'm in bed talking on the phone with my bf who is not the SD and even tho he plays with her and is awesome with her and ADORES her and she adores him too he has nooo real idea about being an actual parent he mostly knows just the fun party and even where ours not fin it's only for periods of time ..let alone a full time SINGLE parent since SD is not in the after i tell him about my day he tells me.."well you need to watch her more"..mind you my daughter is AMAZINGLY well behaved 99.999% of the time and never really gets into trouble she will usually just pay with get toys ,me, my parents, the dog, she cleans up after herself, says please and thank you, asks for help if she needs it and more.people always tell me hire well behaved and mature she is..i just feel really hurt and like hes basically saying I'm a bad mom....according to him" If u dont have ur eyes on her the ENTIRE time shes awake then its not enough" i over reacting? Or is he really just being insensitive seeing as he isn't a parent and doesn't get it?

saageex3 2 kids; New York 6699 posts
Apr 12th '13

No matter how well you watch your kids, shit happens. She's a toddler and is curious. If our entire lives were shadowing our children we wouldn't be able to do anything for ourselves. Before I had DD I would look at people whose kids did certain things and blamed the parents. Now having a toddler, I noticed she will do what she wants even when trying to stop them. They're sneaky and small lol so I understand why your feelings were hurt but don't take it personal

Kalie Nicole's Mommy Due January 7; 1 child; Boca Raton, FL, United States 589 posts
Apr 12th '13

That's what i tried to explain to him..i was making her lunch when she just walked up to me with my glasses and looked at me like"mommy fix it" ..he compared it her going in a cabinet and drinking bleach or sticking her finger in and outlet ..i was like clearly i close all doors and make sure she's in safe areas if I'm not on top of her he was and we've been over plugs so she doesn't even go near then plus i have covers on them...shes survived 19 months under my care and the most that's happened is she closed a sliding glass door on her fingers ONCE and i want even home my mom was...i know he doesn't actually mean harm but it does hurt :/

BABY MAKES TWO Due September 16 (boy); Australia 193 posts
Apr 13th '13

I would've been upset as well and said something snarky like ''keep a constant eye on her well shucks why didn't I think of that?" You should sit him down and calmly (resisting the urge to rip his head off) and tell him what he said was not acceptable. And remember men are kinda stupid and don't realize when they are saying something stupid.