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Apr 12th '13

Had an appt this morning with my high risk ob, and things were really positive today! Lola still has echogenic bowels, and whatever is behind my placenta is still there, but it isn't effecting her growth as badly as expected. I'm 24+2, and she's measuring 23+2, so, soooo she's REALLY not far off at all. They were really expecting her to be around or just under a pound, so it was GREAT to see her estimated at a close to average 1 lb 8 oz today! Her body size is close to the 50% mark, but her head is at about the 5% mark...he said it's not microcephaly small, though, so I'm trying not to worry there. We go back to that doc in 4 weeks, and from there we'll be starting weekly growth scans. As encouraging as her growth was today though, there's a chance that little missy MIGHT be able to actually stay put until July!

She was in a really weird position today, she had literally folded herself in half...she could of picked her nose with her toes I think lol So, hey...uh, picture overload here, I know....this actually isn't even all of them they sent me with today :lol:


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Apr 12th '13

Awh! Yes. DS liked sticking his feet on top of his head!! That's great that she's doing so well.